LED Light Therapy has been very trendy the past few years. Many celebrities & influencers have been talking about it. When we see their skin & how popular it has become, it piques our curiosity! But what is LED Light Therapy & how does it work? Is it just a trend or does it actually have long-lasting benefits?

How Does It Work?

LED Light Therapy has been known to reduce acne, inflammation, boost collagen, elastin, & circulation. Truly benefiting acne-prone and aging skin. Why does it do this? This device emits infrared lights in different wavelengths or spectrums to dig deep below the skin. These waves trigger our skins natural intracellular reactions. Whether it is reducing our oil production or stimulating the rejuvenation process of our skin. Each light color effects the skin differently, creating a variety of benefits without damaging the skin.

What Does Each Light Do?

Red LED Light is the best for anti-aging & skin healing. This is because it boosts collagen & elastin production, increases circulation, and reduces inflammation. If you have aging skin, rosacea, or psoriasis then the Red LED Light would be the best for you!
Blue LED Light is used for acne-prone skin, because it kills acne causing bacteria & reduces oil production.
Yellow LED Light has been shown to reduce redness & inflammation. As Green LED Light reduces signs of aging, stimulates collagen production, and heals broken capillaries.

What are the Benefits of LED Light Therapy

  1. Prevents Acne
  2. Reduces Skin Inflammation
  3. Boosts Collagen & Elastin
  4. Increases Circulation
  5. Boosts Skin Rejuvenation Process

At-Home Vs In-Office Treatments

LED Light Therapy is something I as an Esthetician highly recommend. It’s an easy & non-invasive way to give your skin the boost it needs. No matter what skin type or concerns you have, this therapy works for everyone. Should I get an At-home kit or go see a professional? Using an At-home device is super easy and convenient. The In-office devices are actually stronger than a consumer grade device. Professionals recommend getting one to three treatments a week, each session being 15-20 minutes long. Depending on your schedule and needs, you can decide what best fits you. All in all, this is a treatment I would not live without!

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