Stress and Acne

Everyday we deal with daily stressors, it’s hard for our bodies to keep up. Have you ever experienced a pimple during an anxious time in your life? I definitely have! Are the two linked? Let’s find out!

When we experience stress, our bodies go into survival mode. When we are in fight or flight mode, everything slows down. That way we can be prepared to fight off whatever is causing a threat to our survival. Our bodies use this hormone called cortisol to give us this boost of adrenaline for the time being. Here’s the problem, when your body is in a constant state of high cortisol, your hormones get out of balance. Creating this disruption of your bodies natural cycle. Causing high inflammation & an overproduction in oil, triggering acne flare ups. You can be more prone to these stress induced breakouts if you deal with acne.

How can we help prevent this? Take time to do self-care, take care of yourself. The most common stress reducers are exercise, breath work, being in nature, taking a bath, listen to music. Find what speaks to you! This is an on going process, but in the end it will not only benefit your skin but your whole wellbeing!

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