Brow Lamination + Tint

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Enhance Your Natural Beauty. Schedule a Brow Lamination + Tint in Pasadena, CA.

A Brow Lamination is essentially a perm for unruly, over-plucked, or thinning brows. With tint, it allows your brows to be darker so they stand out, this lasts a couple of weeks. The process gives the illusion that the brows are fuller than they really are. It sets them in place so that they can look smoother and more uniform. A great alternative to Microblading. It lasts from 4-6 weeks. Leaving you with beautiful full eyebrows.

Using only Organic & All-Natural products. A natural solution to enhance the beauty you already have.

“The human eye uses the eyebrow as an anchor point for the rest of the face. This is why a woman can look truly stunning without any makeup but perfectly shaped, full eyebrows.”

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